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orthoPilates' matwork classes
- enjoy your moving body -

Together we will
  • build your core strength from the inside out.
  • target your deep postural muscles.
  • foster flexibility and fitness.
  • rebalance your body.
  • align your body to your ideal posture.
Your body will become stronger, longer, leaner and more toned.

Body Awareness

Pilates helps you to understand, know and control your own body,
to use it safely and correctly.

Through targeted exercise Pilates will

  • release old habits, unwanted tensions and unbalanced posture.
  • realign your body to move in a more balanaced way.
  • rebuild new muscle-memory so as to maintain your new corrected habits.

Core strength is the key

Without a strong trunk the tree will weaken and fall. orthoPilates will work with you to build your core, paying attention to its alignment, balance and co-ordination. This is fundamental to all our classes.

Pilates studio class

Pilates is for us all

orthoPilates is ideal for first-time exercisers through to athletes and dancers looking to enhance their performance and minimise the risk of injury. Its methodical, controlled approach combines mind as well as body control and delivers long-lasting benefits.

Pilates is especially recommended by medical specialists for those with lower back pain. Alex is a qualified Back4Good practitioner and Back Care professional offering specialist work with back issues and related aches and pains stemming from our contemporary life-style.

Caroline will guide athletes to a new economy and strength in performance.

We offer both public classes and private coaching at Beginner or Intermediate levels. We also hold specialised classes for those recovering from injury, illness or surgery, for those dealing with perennial back pain, and for senior age groups and special populations.

Body Control PilatesĀ®

Body Control Pilates is renowned as a world-leading education provider for Pilates teaching. Our education curriculum is internationally renowned and our membership body for Body Control Pilates teachers is the largest professional Pilates organisation outside the USA.

Matwork exercises have a great attraction in that they need no special equipment, and are particularly safe for those with back problems (95% of the UK population has, or has had, backache). Its consistent success rate in solving such problems has brought it to the attention of osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and homeopathic doctors, many of whom have either set up Pilates studios as part of their practices or established a close working partnership with their local Body Control Pilates teachers.