Pilates at All levels, for All Ages

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orthoPilates classes

orthoPilates provides a comprehensive range of Pilates matwork classes in North London and, at the Body Control Pilates centre in Central London.

We work closely both with individuals and small groups committed to improving their own bodies and themselves: refining posture, addressing aches and pains and most importantly developing core strength in order to retain (or regain) a sleeker profile and an active healthy body.

Public Classes

Our public classes are kept small to ensure personal attention and support and to allow for your level of experience. They include:

  • Introduction to Pilates [Basics]
    • (this is an occasional course, workshop or private session, run according to demand). If you are an absolute Beginner, it will ensure that you are familiar with the principles, practice and language of Body Control Pilates and that you have a safe and enjoyable Pilates experience with us from the start.

  • Pilates Improvers
    • Keep a Healthy Back, prevent and manage your back pain and other aches.
    • The classes aim for a graded progression towards the Intermediate level (Dynamic Pilates).

  • Backpain and Beginners
    • NB: Thursday Improvers classes are currently running as a Backpain and Beginners class, this will continue as an option depending on demand.

  • Dynamic Pilates (Intermediate)
    • These 'Dynamic Pilates' classes (Intermediate level) will progress your fitness and flexibility, endurance and mobility while refining body alignment and addressing your individual needs. The class enjoys a relaxed atmosphere of exploration rooted in, but not bound by, Joseph Pilates' classical form and principles.
    • The class is open to anyone with a significant ability and recent experience of Pilates at Improver level or above. Back Pain issues will NOT necessarily prevent you from joining.

  • All Ages and Gentle Pilates
    • Gentle class focusing on Alignment, Breathing and Core strength. Over fifties and seniors are most welcome

  • Healthy Backs
    • The Thursday Improvers class at Yogabase and the Wednesday lunch-time class, held at the Body Control Centre, are directed towards prevention and and management of Lower Back Pain.

  • Pilates for Cyclists and sportsters.
    • for all those who are sports-active and want to keep in shape with complementary exercise activity.

Classes are deliberately kept small, which fosters an equitable coach-client relationship, allowing careful focus on individual progress and graded exposure to exercise patterns. 'Pilates Improvers' classes have a limit of 10 to 12 while 'Pilates Intermediate' as well as 'All Ages' and 'Healthy Backs' classes are capped at 8 clients. Back4Good® classes start out as one to one sessions, but which may progress into 'quartets'.

As skills and understanding of Pilates advance, we retain focus on the functional application of Pilates to the demands and constraints of modern life - from peering at a mobile or desktop screen to sports, to leisure walking and to making sure you use the gym machinery correctly.

Public classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the remainder of the week devoted to private sessions and referrals from associate physiotherapists and osteopaths. Please check the timetable for further information and the booking service for details of pricing.

Special focus classes include:

  • general and chronic Lower Back Pain
  • for Seniors (All Ages) 50 .. 60 ... 70. ( Our oldest client is approaching 94.)
    For Mature and Senior individuals, Pilates offers a gentler way to stay fit and able - and it pays close attention to a slowly changing posture, preventing back pain and retaining core strength.
    These classes strengthen you in your Activities of Daily Living, they work towards fall prevention and improve your balance and control.
  • Classes to combat osteopenia and osteoporosis, rebuilding bone strength and density through specific exercises, as well as training you in what movements and positions to avoid.
  • Pre- and Post Operative Hip replacement:
    prepare for the op, and afterwards lose that limp and learn to use your brand new, potentially painless hip
  • Getting back to normal after muscular and postural injuries.
  • Private ante-natal classes by arrangement,
  • Special group classes for closed or corporate or business communities.

One to One Coaching and Duets:

All of the above are offered in private coaching sessions either in the comfort of your own home or in our studio environments in North London, Central London (at the Body Control centre) . These classes also incorporate video analysis tools (optional) to help you see and understand your alignment strengths and weaknesses.
Prices and options are here.

Joining our classes:

Before joining a class please contact orthoPilates to discuss your needs. You will be asked to fill in an [electronic] enrolment form and to register with our booking service. Then you can

  1. book yourself into classes
  2. subscribe and buy a six- pack' of classes (cheaper option)
  3. later, if need be, you can reschedule your classes online.

Please have a look at the timetable to see how the classes and the 'monthly packs' work.

Please note that classes at the Body Control Centre and at Pilates South-West need to be booked separately. Please contact us.

First-time Beginners

If you are new to Pilates, you are most welcome.

You will need to start off with a Beginners/Backpain class or attend the Introduction to Pilates course, which runs 'on demand'. Alternativewly it may be right for you to have a special one to one foundation class, which can be arranged on enquiry. Please contact us to set this up.

This will ensure that you are familiar with the principles, practice and language of Body Control Pilates and that you have a safe and enjoyable Pilates experience with us from the start.

In addition it allows us to have a more educated idea of one another and to be able to focus on your individual situation during subsequent classes.