Cath Crompton

Cath Crompton

Cath discovered Pilates after being diagnosed with prolapsed discs in her lumbar spine. The prognosis was either surgery or to help herself. She chose to rehabilitate herself through gentle Pilates exercises, relaxation and meditation.
A year later an MRI scan revealed a significant reduction in the prolapsed discs and surgery was no longer necessary.

Once well on the road to recovery, following advice from Neuro Surgeon and Osteopath, she decided to begin to change her working lifestyle. Having suffered back pain for many years working in very stressful roles in Marketing and graphics, she decided to train as a Pilates teacher, knowing that Pilates really can help with many types of injuries and medical conditions, as well as stress and anxiety for people at any stage of their lives.

Now as a fully qualified Body Control Pilates teacher she is continually learning and searching for answers, regularly attending workshops, seminars and classes to deepen her knowledge of the method and to keep up with developments in the Pilates and exercise world.

Cath is owner of ccPilates, where she teaches in Kentish Town Community Centre and other venues. You can see her teaching on retreat in Italy - this link will take you out to youtube)

Pilates on retreat in Italy


You can find out more about her from ccPilates

  • Body Control Pilates Level 3 Matwork
  • Intermediate Matwork
  • Antenatal Pilates
  • Pilates for Bone Health (osteoporosis)
  • Pilates for the Older Person
  • Pilates with small equipment
  • CPR certification
  • Register of Exercise Professional's level 3
  • Currently studying for the Level 4 Lower Back Pain certification