Louise Jinks

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Louise discovered Pilates several years ago after injuring her lower spine and being advised to take up Pilates to strengthen her core and prevent further injury in the future. Attending regular Pilates classes relieved and managed her back pain in a way she did not think possible.

She enjoyed the classes so much that, a few years later, she decided to train to be a Pilates teacher herself. Louise has a background in teaching Primary School children for many years, which allowed a smooth transition to teaching adults. 

Louise trained with Body Control Pilates and has a certificate in level 3 matwork. She is an active member of the Body Control Pilates Association and is on the Register of Exercise Professions (REPs). Louise considers herself to be a life long learner and continues to update her knowledge and skills of anything Pilates related by regularly attending courses, reading books and taking part in workshops at every opportunity.

One of her favourite Joseph Pilates quotes is “Be in control of your body and not at its mercy.

Louise is the founder of Prone2Pilates and currently runs classes in Camden Town and South Kensington, in addition to her work with orthoPilates. More information about Louise and her classes can be found on her website www.prone2pilates.co.uk.  She also has accounts with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under the name Prone2Pilates.

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